Significant fuel savings are available for your business vehicles when you enroll in our Chevron commercial savings program.

Many businesses operate vehicle fleets that would qualify for these savings. We encourage you to inquire with us into how you could easily take advantage of those fuel costs savings. No matter the number of company vehicles you operate.

This program will not only help you save on your fuel purchases at our stations, but it also helps you easily monitor your fuel purchases online and identify any related fraudulent activity.

Another great advantage is that the fuel savings we’ll offer your business are effective from the first gallon you’ll purchase under this program.

Many other competing programs increase your savings per gallon progressively until you’ll purchase some projected higher quantities of fuel. In our case you’ll instead get your full savings from the first gallon you’ll purchase under our program.

H&S Energy Products, LLC has a statewide network of Chevron and Texaco branded stations in California. Expanding from as far south as San Diego, to Redding in northern California.

We are proud to offer high-quality Chevron and Texaco fuels with Techron at great savings under this program.

Let us now discuss how you could enroll in this program and easily reduce your company’s fuel purchases costs rapidly.

Please send us your contact information at and we’ll reach out to you to help you enroll in this program.